Sunday, February 22, 2009

SPACE:1999, Episode 1


SPACE:1999 1 - A Distant Sound of Thunder

It has almost been a year since the moon was blown out of Earth orbit. In that time the people of Moonbase Alpha have faced many challenges. But none so great as now... The moon has drifted into a galactic war zone. Under constant attack, how can Alpha possibly survive in this deadly region of space?

Download (21:38, 29.9MB MP3, released 2009.02.12)

Written by Eric Busby

Mark Bruzee as Commander John Koenig
Bruce Busby as Professor Victor Bergman
M Sieiro Garcia as Doctor Helena Russell
Seth Adam Sher as Paul Morrow
Jules Ismail as David Kano
Melissa D. Johnson as Sandra Benes
Elie Hirchman as Alan Carter
Derek M Koch as The Caretaker

Written and directed by Eric Busby
Post Production by Eric Busby