Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bloodmoon 2 - Revelations

Bloodmoon 2 - Revelations

Download (22:59, 31.5 MB mp3, released 2009.01.01)

Sam Packer recovers from his attack and returns to work in record time...despite the objections of his lieutenant and the reservations of his doctor. Still, Sam senses something has changed. Sam feels stronger and more alert than ever before. It's a heady feeling. He feels invincible. What's happening to him?

This episode featured the voice talents of

Mark Kilfoil as Detective Sam Packer
Perry Whittle as Detective Earl Parker
David Maciver as Detective Mike Flaherty
April Sadowski as Detective Erika Elkins
Cathy "Merodi" Rinella as Lieutenant Paula McKee
Maria "Wolf Wings", Perry Whittle, and David Ault as Other Cops
Perry Whittle as Orville "Weasel" Clancy
Elie Hirschman as Raphael "Sneaks" Rodriguez
Eric Busby as Detective Brad Bracken
and Jeff Robinson as Anthony "Tony" Verrano

Your announcer is Jon Specht

Produced by Waleed Ovase
Directed by Elie Hirschman
Sound Design by MJ Cogburn
Original Music by Kevin MacLeod and James Taye, additional music used under license