Monday, April 13, 2009

Crusade 1 - Devil's Deal

Crusade 1 - Devil's Deal

Download (44:00, 37.5MB MP3)

A locked door may hold the cure to the plague which threatens all life on Earth. How far will Captain Gideon go to secure it?

Written by Chris Snyder
Based on "Value Judgements" by Fiona Avery
Additional dialog by Fiona Avery

Mark Bruzee - Captain Matthew Gideon
Kevin Cho - Lt. Matheson
Laura Post - Dureena Nafeel
Eric Busby - Max Eilerson
Victoria Sampson - Dr. Sarah Chambers
Elie Hirschman - Galen
Special appearance by Mark Kalita - Al Bester
John Harty Brandenburg - Rainey
Nick Cook - Thug 2
Chelsea Dye - Ranger on white star
Juda Friese - Pilot 1
Morgan Jeffery - Governor Palmer
Matthew Kopelke - Pilot 2
Evan Korzon - Ranger Tennal
Karl Puder - Karl
Chris Snyder - Telepathic Door and Thug 1
Miriam Snyder - Judge
Thomas Wilinsky - Jackson

Produced by Chris Snyder.
Executive Producer for Darker Projects is Eric Busby.